Notch-Tite Flat-Reinforced Backing:

Notch-Tite is an economical backing solution to meet backing requirements for handrails, grab bars, tubs, shower seats, wall mounted equipment, furniture, and furnishings. Notch-Tite is extremely fast and easy to install. Notch-Tite is pre notched to fit 16" on center stud construction.

  • Pull Test to a minimum of 250 pounds pull and point load
  • Approved by the California Office of Statewide Planning and Development (R-0192)

Meets or exceeds backing requirement of all known National Building Codes including the International Building Code 2009.

Benefits of using Notch-Tite:
  • Reduced labor costs
  • One piece is 9'4" long
  • Mount and Screw Installation
  • No Field Modifications for 16" O.C. stud framing
  • Each piece has 1/2" notch on each end for continuous installation
  • Standard Size 6" with 1 1/4" legs, 16 gauge